Patented advanced mobile monitoring.

Faster, smarter, and completely redesigned.

Cell Phone Monitoring

See all phone call logs, text messages, and picture messages to and from the phone. Receive alerts on communication you disapprove of.

Mobile Activity Report

View The Daily Watch, a daily summary of your child's mobile phone activity, conveniently sent to your email every day.

Location Tracking

Know where your child is at all times. Keep track every hour, on the hour. Or, request their location as of right now.

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor your child's mobile activities from either your computer or your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Features include:

  • Phone Call Monitoring - when, to whom, for how long
  • Text Message Monitoring (SMS)
  • Picture Message Monitoring (MMS)
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Instant Alerts to your phone or email when unauthorized communication occurs.
  • Print customized reports of monitored activity.
Available on these child devices:
Monitoring and Alerts Activity Log

Contact List Management

My Mobile Watchdog automatically keeps all of your child's contacts synced, quickly and easily. Set up an approved list of contacts. Be alerted on any unapproved communication.

  • Mark contacts as Allow or Alert.
  • Be notified by text or email on every communication with Alerted contacts.
  • Change statuses at any time to instantly see prior communication with newly Alerted contacts.
Available on these child devices:
Allowed Contact List

Application Blocking

Block new and existing applications on your child's phone, including:

  • Social Networking Apps (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Mobile Games (Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, etc.)
  • Instant Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, AIM, GoSMS)
  • Web Browser or Camera

All newly downloaded apps are automatically blocked so they won't see anything you don't want them to.

Remotely grant temporary access for 30 minutes, as needed.

Available on these child devices:
Application Blocking

Web Blocking

All mobile internet activity on your child's phone is logged and easily accessible from your My Mobile Watchdog Dashboard.

Block any individual website that you feel is not appropriate.

Receive Alerts when your child attempts to access a blocked site.

Available on these child devices:
Block Web Access

Time Blocking

Designate specific time slots that restrict your child's phone usage. During these time slots, your child will only be allowed to make calls to emergency phone numbers like 911 and other important numbers designated by you.

Available on these child devices:
Time Blocking

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