Try My Mobile Watchdog risk free and get over 20 parental controls that you don’t have now.

Can I Monitor Text Messages?

Monitor your child’s phone activities with your My Mobile Watchdog account from any internet connected computer or smartphone.
Features include:
• Monitor Phone Calls
• Monitor Text Messages (SMS)
• Record Picture Messages (MMS)
• Track GPS Locations and MORE!

Receive instant text or email notifications of your child’s unauthorized activities to your phone or email. View your child’s mobile activities by date, status, time, action and detail. Print reports of monitored activity.


Parental controls aren’t limited to just computers. Mobile devices have evolved into Internet-ready tools that can perform a variety of tasks. Enable mobile parental controls to ensure a safer, more secure online experience for your children.

My Mobile Watchdog has different options for controlling privacy and usage, filtering content and location and monitoring settings.

  • Usage controls: Most companies will allow parents to turn off features, such as downloading videos or images, texting, and accessing the Internet. These controls can also be used to limit the number of calls or texts and set time restrictions.
  • Content filtering: These controls can block certain websites to allow for safer mobile browsing on the Internet. Some filters can also limit videos and other multimedia.
  • Location and monitoring settings: These controls allow parents to track their child’s whereabouts using GPS systems that are built into the phone.

Try My Mobile Watchdog risk free and get over 20 parental controls that you don’t have now.

Used By Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Schools, FBI and Local Law Enforcement To Help Keep Kids Safe.

Read What Users Have To Say About My Mobile Watchdog

Just a quick follow up to tell you how great this product is. What it has done, specifically, is to help us guide our 15 year old son in terms of safety, choices and human courtesy. As my son explains to me, the way that kids in his social circle text each other is the way that they act. They text about sexual activity (It would blow your mind to see what they describe doing with each other), drug use, and other indiscretions. (My Mobile) Watchdog has made sure that we know…

Robert G.

Try My Mobile Watchdog risk free and get over 20 parental controls that you don’t have now.

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